Rufus 4.0 has been released, to easily create bootable USB drives

by Jerry

Rufus 4.0 has been released, to easily create bootable USB drives

If you’re browsing the web looking for a good solution to create a bootable USB drive to boot a recovery environment or test Windows 11 on a virtual machine, I have good news for you.

Pete Batard has just released a major update to his well-known Rufus instrument. It’s an essential piece of software that I’ve already told you about here and there, when you want to counter the hardware requirements dictated by Microsoft for installing a Windows 11.

This mysterious version of Rufus printed 4.0 is obviously on everyone’s lips without finally bringing any major news. First of all, Rufus 4 drops support for Windows 7 and now requires a version of Windows 8, 8.1, 10, or Windows 11.

Second, the application is now deployed in a 64-bit version by default. It is a change that may seem trivial, but it already gives a taste of the future. Rest assured, in order not to hurt anyone in this frantic race towards the digital avant-garde, the x86 and ARM versions are still available for the past.

Slight downside for those who were already using Rufus: Pete Batard indicated that Rufus v3 does not update properly. That’s why they decided to jump straight to version 4.0 to entice people to download the app again. And, of course, a number of bugs of all kinds have been fixed.

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