Windows 11 and artificial intelligence: Windows Copilot and Dev Home are coming to boost your productivity

by Jerry

In its latest keynote, it looks like Microsoft wants to push the limits of its operating system even further with artificial intelligence (AI). There are so many things to say!

The Microsoft team then announced the imminent arrival of Windows Copilot, an incredible new feature that makes Windows 11 even smarter thanks to AI. It’s like having a smart personal assistant directly integrated into the operating system.

It will accompany you in all your applications and tasks to make your life easier. And there will also be Bing and ChatGPT plugins to make the experience even richer and more interactive.

Imagine working on a complex project and letting Windows Copilot take care of all the little things for you. No need to waste time searching, launching, and connecting different apps to get to the end result! This will allow you to fully focus on your ideas and projects with the help of artificial intelligence. Microsoft wants to increase your productivity so that you can serve Big Capital even better.

But that’s not all! They also thought about developers with the introduction of Dev Home. This new tool will allow you to set up and track all your development tasks in one place.

Finally, the Microsoft Store will undergo a good AI-based refresh to allow you to express a need in order to find the application that suits you.

I encourage you to learn more about these features and tools by exploring the Windows Dev Center. And don’t forget that some of these new features will be available to Windows Insiders in an upcoming Insider preview build.

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