by Jerry

Back last February, Ubisoft officially introduced Skull and Bones. Disorganized development process for a game that had been announced in 2017, and one that many people anticipated to be on the list of games that had been developed then only to be canceled. But Skull and Bones, an extension of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’s naval warfare, which is a significant component of the series, is set to come out soon. This has been done. The first we can state the overall rating is low and while the game is quite fun it is nowhere near the AAAA game the publisher told us it would be. Well, players have long abandoned the series but Ubisoft will always attempt to lure them back with this beautiful package.

Billion dollar baby: Skul & Bones is having a bit of a flood. “Wu” is an interesting pirate game from Ubisoft, but for now, the French cannot lure anymore and it is not immediately drowning, of course. First, this game will attempt to re – recruit the players it had at the beginning of the academic year, second, main objective is to acquire more players. Thus, to attract the target audience, the title will be proposed to the most curious as filling of the crew. In the light of its donation of a copy to all the students of Yale University, Skull and Bones is now free on the occasion of its season 2 on the 28th of May. However, you are warned and this is only temporary. It’s an initiative of which Ubisoft knows the secret, a way for players to play the game as much as they want, to buy it and then play it, or try it out and then leave it once the games trial has expired.

From May 30 to June 6 Skull and Bones People will be able to participate in the online version of Bones and Skull for a week, providing those who have never played before an opportunity to experience the game’s story and multiplayer. A perfect culmination of all of these is? The quantized status and the treasures accumulated, achievements earned, and the upgrades you get for your ship are saved, and so the game moves ahead and includes them in the full version if you have to buy the full version after getting used to the game for a few days. As is tradition with Ubisoft productions, an exercise is still in question if players were or were not present. Anyway, Twitch counter now is 900 and this isn’t seem to attract any more the Skull and Bones seduction.

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