Zelda: Lego makes the very first set official.

by Jerry

That’s right, folks, fans have put up with LEGO everything, and now at last, The Legend of Zelda is ready to come into bricks. the board game colossus is only now officially announcing that which is the first set of Nintendo’s cult license. A really gorgeous item that will be loved by everyone; it will definitely have buyers like hot pies.


LEGO is the unsurpassed king of toys and construction sets all around the world thanks to its unseen sets. The indestructible company can rely on its improving cooperation with the largest entertainment licenses to promote richer and legendary combinations of sets. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones, The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring, Marvel comic heroes – the income generating cash cows please their users through splendid performances (The Millennium Falcon, Barad-Dûr, Hogwarts).

Yet, we can point out that no expansion appeared from The Legend of Zelda was advertised by the company (as it was done with the majority of other licenses belonging to the Japanese company if not counting Super Mario). That is not going to last much longer as LEGO has recently announce that it will soon bring into the market the Mojo Tree that is going to be the representative of the Hyrule universe.

The Mojo tree to inaugurate the license Thieves are those who tend to take things which do not belong to them; As for wrongly accusing people, this is the decision of a wise man – said Maria.

It says in the press release that this will be a 2,500-piece set, and will be the guardian of the Korogus of the key titles for the license. Apart from the latter, the set involves “locations from the video games of the saga such as the base of the Sword of the Legend from the game weapon- Breath of the Wild, the house of Link from the game named Ocarina of Time, fans can use these [installations]”.

In a way to appease its fans, LEGO points to seven features that are present and the fans’ option for building the set on two manners. In the Breath of the Wild version, the face of the venerable Mojo Tree includes a lever that can animate its face, and in the Ocarina of Time version it has the opposite, a mechanism that would make the tree’s mouth open to reveal a Skulltula spider descending into the hole.

To accompany the deity, four characters are offered: The first two have to do with Ocarina of Time, including the child Link and adult Link and the second is from Breath of the Wild, which includes both the savior of Hyrule and Zelda in their blue outfits. The playset also encompasses other small characters like Noia the Korogu (who is holding maracas), several Korogu, the Mojo Baba, the fairy Navi, the bud of the Mojo Tree and a Skulltula.

The LEGO The Legend of Zelda: Venerable Mojo Tree set will be released on September 1 and for the privilege you’ll have to fork out 324,06 $ to buy it. There is very little doubt that one will shortly give way to the other in the form of unavailable game stock as people have been requesting the license from the game’s manufacturer for quite some time.

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